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The application of precise and equal amounts of fertilisers, nutrients, soil amendments  pesticides or other water soluble products, through an irrigation system is referred to as "fertigation". 

A similar application process, but of water soluble chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides is referred to as "chemigation".

Fertigation and chemigation ensures such water soluble products are delivered safely, accurately and evenly over broad areas and enables high uniformity of distribution throughout plant systems.

These systems may be used in commercial agriculture and horticulture, as well as in general landscape applications and can assist in situations where:

  • Soil or water testing shows less than optimal quality
  • Additional nutrients are required based on growth cycle
  • Nutrient deficiencies have been detected in plants
  • Weed or pest control is critical to yield

In these situations, dispenser or dosing units are attached to existing irrigation infrastructure and the necessary products are released precisely where needed, when needed. Dosing units can be applied to any irrigation system, be it centre pivot, lateral move, spray, flood, or drip irrigation systems.

Significant advantages can be realised as a result of fertigation or chemigation:

  • Increased nutrient absorption by plants
  • Reduction in the amount of chemical used
  • Accurate application rates

A range of fertigation and chemigation products and methods are available and regulatory constraints exist to prevent back-flow of products into the water supply.

Darling Irrigation can help determine the most suitable system for your application and undertake the design, installation and maintenance of the appropriate and safe unit.

Darling Irrigation's fertigation and chemigation suppliers include: