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The sheer size of Australia's land mass means that infrastructure required for water management can be a significant distance away from your own location. Overcoming the tyranny of distance and allowing you to manage your water system remotely is one of the areas Darling Irrigation can offer expert advice on, as well as the design and installation of the remote monitoring and management systems that enable this.

Darling Irrigation's remote water management products have been specially designed and manufactured into packaged monitoring solutions for:

Flexible and reliable remote monitoring and telemetry

Remote monitoring systems provide flexible, reliable site monitoring and management for a wide range of duties, including:

  • Tank levels
  • Pressure transducers
  • Dam levels
  • Flow metering
  • Weather stations
  • Site surveillance
  • Trough filling
  • Pump starting and stopping
  • Water quality and soil moisture

Remote water management units can monitor and manage individual items or be wired to receive multiple inputs within the same unit creating highly efficient solutions.

Powered by mains power, battery or solar panels, Darling Irrigation can help you determine the right unit for the environment.

Anywhere, anytime

Once your system has been set up, you have the power to manage your water system from anywhere, through either a PC or you can go fully mobile and use your smartphone or tablet.

You can have precise control over your water management system and can adjust your settings, start or stop a pump or other device, open and close bays and adjust schedules - regardless of where you are or the time of day (or night!).

SMS alerts and actions can be set up which means you cut down the time you spend in the field manually operating the infrastructure. You can also view valuable data about your water environment including soil moisture, water usage, water levels and identify equipment breakdowns.

For information on the Observant DIY Tank Monitoring Kit
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