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Rivers, bore drains, ground tanks and natural water holes have for years been utilised by graziers as a valuable source of water for livestock – but times are changing.

Now, with pressure to increase water use efficiency, from both a stock and domestic perspective, and preserve the riparian environment, land owners and producers are seeking alternative water delivery solutions.

Making every drop count

Every production system is different and influenced by a unique set of variables – land size, water allocation, rainfall, production objectives and budget to name a few. 

Identifying which livestock and domestic watering solution is best suited to a particular situation requires a comprehensive understanding of the full range of options available and the know-how to apply and tailor these to meet a specific need.

Darling Irrigation provides advanced livestock and domestic watering services and products. With more than 10 years experience in delivering water solutions to meet specific requirements throughout the eastern states, Darling Irrigation is well positioned meet your livestock or domestic water needs.

One stop solutions for stock and domestic watering

With experience in small systems right through to complex stock water systems for cell grazing operations, feedlots or multi network systems for capping and piping artesian bores, Darling Irrigation offers 'one-stop solutions' for all of your livestock watering requirements.

When you engage Darling Irrigation to assist with your water delivery project, you are engaging a highly qualified and capable team that will follow a proven process to ensure that your expectations and requirements are met. This process involves a system design phase followed by an installation phase that will help maximise your infrastructure investment.

If you require watering solutions for livestock or domestic purposes, contact Darling Irrigation for a no obligation consultation.

System design

Your requirements are paramount, Darling Irrigation engages experienced staff members including engineers and technical experts, to tailor a solution to suit your requirements during the design phase. Important issues, such as establishing a correct livestock-to-storage ratio to minimise cost and risk and increase water efficiency, are considered during design.

Darling Irrigation will work with you to determine which watering system provides the most efficient and cost effective solution to your needs, including:

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System installation

Once your watering system has been designed, a team of service staff from Darling Irrigation will work through the installation process. Darling Irrigation can handle all aspects of the installation, from excavation and concreting through to pump, trough or tank installation and the trenching and laying of poly pipe.

Darling Irrigation bring together qualified and well respected staff and subcontractors through a managed approach to ensure the seamless installation and commissioning of stock and domestic water solutions – no matter how big or small; complex or simple. 

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