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Campaspe Irrigation Complete Project For Almas Almonds - Meilman Property

Campaspe Irrigation is nearly at completion and commissioning of a large scale project for the Almas Almond - Meilman property development near Robinvale on the New South Wales side of the River Murray.

The project is being managed by Wes Marks of Campaspe Irrigation and includes the supply and installation of a dam pump station, a filtration/injection system and fertigation storage for a final planted area of approximately 390ha of almonds.

There are two main sheds constructed on the site one for the new pump station and one for the filter and fertigation injection system. There are three other smaller sheds included in the scope; electrical room, Fertigation/control room and chemical injection room.

Congratulations to Almas Almonds, staff at the Meilman property and well done to everyone involved in this impressive project.

Project Details

  • The pump station has 1 completely open side which houses four new Super Titan 200x250-500 suction pump units fitted and connected to a WEG 185kW 4 pole VSD ready motor, along with the re-use of the existing pump.
  • A HydroTitan 125x80-200, the jockey pump fitted with a 37.5kW 2 pole motor and installation of a backup 150mm Amiad Scanaway Screen filter auxiliary fresh water supply line. This auxiliary system will be used when chemical treatment of main filters is in progress all within the pump shed 
  • The combined duty of the final four pumps shall be 700lps at a Total Dynamic Head (TDH) of 64m. 
  • All five irrigation pumps will be controlled via variable frequency drives (VFD).
  • To achieve the required duty point, it is estimated the pump units will be running at between 1380-1400rpm. Note, the fifth pump will be rotated and will serve as a backup for the system.
  • The main pump suction lines are 500mm PN10 PE100.
  • The jockey pump suction line is a 250mm PN10 PE100 
  • Each of the suction lines are accompanied by an anti-vortex floating pump suction inlet screen with a mesh no greater than 6mm
  • There are 6 x 45,000Ltr Global fertiliser storage tanks and 1 x 45,000Ltr Global mixing tank sitting on a concrete slab with a 1.5 deg fall.
  • All the fertigation and freshwater lines from the tanks have been set down into a 350 mm deep drainage gully which is covered by grates. 
  • ALL electrical supply lines have been installed within the concrete slabs throughout in lieu of cable trays creating a clean finish and less of a trip hazard. 
  • We have installed the main filter shed (fully enclosed) to house three Omega 36,000 SS 316
  • grade filters, manifolding and a small workshop area with steps leading to a walkway above the filters.
  • The main filter manifolds are 600mm in diameter opening up to a 700mm diameter on the discharge.
For further information contact Wes Marks at Campaspe Irrigation on 0436 820 083.