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Narromine Water Restrictions

See the team at Darling Irrigation Narromine for all your residential watering needs to meet the new Narromine Council Restrictions enforced on 2nd Jan 2019.

Darling Irrigation can provide water timers and irrigation controllers to automatically water on odd or even days, to automatically follow the restrictions and give you piece of mind.

We have a wide range of tap water timers, remote battery controllers and hard wired controllers to suit council restrictions and your system needs.

Darling Irrigation also stock WIFI enabled controllers that will check the weather online, and adjust watering time accordingly, all controlled and adjusted through an easy-to-use phone app.

These controllers can be retrofitted to your existing sprinklers or irrigation system.

Darling Irrigation can supply, install and service all the equipment you need for a fully customised highly efficient irrigation system.

Daring Irrigation Narromine also have a wide range of sprinkler system parts in store, we have everything you need to make every drop count.

Contact us at: 

113-121 Dandaloo Street, Narromine NSW 2821
Ph: (02) 6889 1616