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Talk to our Certified Meter Installers (CMI)

Darling Irrigation’s experienced and qualified team specialising in water meters can recommend, supply and install the most suitable solution to meet your water metering and compliance needs. Darling irrigation have multiple duly qualified Certified Meter Installers (CMI’s) in the Central-West region to assist you and your business with all your water meter installation and validation requirements.

Our skilled and qualified team of staff specialising in water meters have recently attended factory tours and training sessions in the latest technologies available in pattern approved meters.  

Darling Irrigation have access to a wide range of brands and equipment, this along with our technical experience in the irrigation industry gives us the flexibility to best meet your site specific system requirements while offering a great value solution at a competitive price. 

Our team are regularly attending technical training and information sessions on the new regulations and have built strong relationship with industry and regulatory bodies to remain not only qualified but current and confident in recommending and installing systems to meet the new and developing regulations.

Contact our skilled and duly qualified team for any assistance with your water metering or irrigation needs by using our online Enquiry Form

Certification Enquiries

Note: The deadline for water meters 500m and above is December 19, 2019.

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