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Water under pressure has two faces in the mining industry; the purposeful use of pressurised water and the inherent dangers to a water management system that excessive water pressure can present.

High-pressure water in mining is often used to mine, move and separate materials or to suppress dust or for washing purposes. In these uses, the cost of interpreted supply or inadequate pressure can be significant. Efficient and reliable pressurised water systems are mission critical.

Conversely, excessive water pressure can lead to water main breaks and cause leaks in civil and mining water systems.

Management of water pressure levels in the supply system ensures more consistent pressure levels which can mitigate the risks of water main breaks as well as improving the reliability of the water supply system and help conserve water.

Darling Irrigation can provide design and construction solutions for mine site pressurised water supplies. Experienced in surface-water or groundwater systems and flow rates from 1l/s to 1000l/s, Darling Irrigation's team includes highly skilled, licensed poly welders who will ensure an efficient , quality-assured pipeline in poly or PVC materials. Darling Irrigation also has electrofusion and butt welders and can undertake butt welding up to 500mm.

Pressurised water supplies and solutions

Darling Irrigation is one of the few businesses in Australia stocking cross-linked poly or PEX polythene. PEX is far superior in strength and durability to HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and can often satisfy difficult site specific requirements.

Trenching crews and installation equipment complement the system design and supply of pipeline products available from Darling Irrigation and means your business can obtain complete pipeline packages from one quality provider.

Experienced in the design of pumping systems, pressurised water systems and water recycling as well as centre pivots and linear move irrigators and surface and sub-surface drip irrigation systems, Darling Irrigation is your one stop shop for pressurised water management and water solutions.