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The application of pumping in civil applications and the mining industry varies from pumping clean cold water for irrigation or domestic use, transporting and storing wastewater, stormwater and recycled water to moving hot thick liquid right and ensuring the availability of pressurised water for dust suppression, moving and separating materials through the mining process and even pumping air.

The costs of water and pumping system failures due to contamination can be significant, filtration provides a pumping system with greater reliability, better performance and reduced maintenance.

Darling Irrigation has expertise in the design and construction of all types of filtrationpumps and pumping systems:

  • Centrifugal surface pumping systems
  • Groundwater pumping systems
  • Remote renewable energy pumps
  • Surface, submersible and solar pumps
  • Chemical dosing pumps
  • Slurry and grinder pumps
  • Turbine pumps
  • Automatic and manual media filtration systems
  • Disc and screen filtration systems

Stocking only the highest quality pumps and filtration units from suppliers including Grundfos, Southern Cross, Everflow, Dynapumps, Airwell, Amiad, Triangle, Arkal, Odis and Iwaki, Darling Irrigation specialises in the industrial specification, design and installation of filtration and pumping systems to suit any mining or civil application.

When combined with Darling Irrigation's additional products and services including pipeline installation and irrigation solutions, then water users for mining and civil applications have a "one stop" supplier for all pumping requirements.

Additionally, Darling Irrigation support a wide range of poly and PVC fittings from quality Australian suppliers as Iplex and Philmac.