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Water is one of life's most precious resources and Australian water users are under increasing pressure to practice and demonstrate responsible and efficient water management.

Recycling of water

Water recycling can take many forms from simple greywater; where domestic water from showers, baths and basins are reused and stormwater capture; where rain run-off is stored, right through to wastewater or sewage treatment plants where wastewater is captured, treated and reused for industrial purposes such as dust control, cooling systems, cleaning or hosing down and irrigation.


Water recycling is rapidly increasing in use driven largely by local, state and federal government water saving initiatives. Generally at a high capital cost, solutions in this area are sustainable and have benefits with a multiple bottom line.

The inclusion of wastewater or sewage treatment plants in mining is almost mandatory and in the very least shows an organisation's commitment to water conservation.

Capturing water and treating it to the standards required for its reuse and then storing that water means recycled water can be used for:

  • Sports grounds or streetscape irrigation
  • Process water for cooling systems or for boilers
  • Reuse in non-drinking applications (toilets etc)
  • Vehicle or facility washing and hosing-down
  • Surface or sub-surface irrigation
  • Dust suppression
  • Pressurised water systems
  • Wet screening
  • Gravity drainage decks
  • Belt filter presses
  • Tailings dams
  • Managed aquifer recharge

Darling Irrigation is experienced in the design and construction of water recycling systems to suit civil applications and mining sites. Containment systems, tailings dams, and stormwater capture and reuse systems are all within the scope of capabilities of our business.


When combined with Darling Irrigation's other products and services including pipeline installation, pumping systems and irrigation solutions, then organisations have a "one stop" supplier available when partnering with Darling Irrigation.