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Water meters enable the monitoring and measuring of water either to determine volume or flow. Water monitoring is essential for ensuring:

  • Compliance with state regulatory requirements
  • That machinery and pipelines are operating at optimal flow and performance
  • The effective and even distribution of water or other liquids
  • Accurate usage indicators, including detection of faults
  • The identification of areas for water use efficiencies
  • Equitable water sharing or trading

Regardless of whether you need water meters for mining, rural, irrigation, domestic, industrial or civil purposes, Darling Irrigation's team can recommend the right meter for your application.

Able to supply manual hydraulic water meters right through to larger meters for river pumps and channels, as well as electromagnetic water meters and insert style meters for large diameter concrete pipes, Darling Irrigation stocks leading brands including Netafim, Toro, Mace Meters and ABB Australia.

Darling Irrigation is also the only authorised agent for MACE and ABB Australia meters in the Central and Western areas of NSW.

All water meters supplied by Darling Irrigation offer the highest degree of accuracy and we have licensed certified technicians who can install them to State Water regulations. Contact Darling Irrigation for more details.