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Darling Irrigation's commitment to their clients is not limited to design and installation. 

A well resourced and highly mobile maintenance team is at the ready to assist clients throughout the design and installation phases as well as over the life of the agreed warranty period and beyond. 

Repairs and maintenance services include:

  • On-site emergency repairs
  • On-site servicing and maintenance
  • Pipe trenching and ripping services
  • Licenced poly welding
  • Accredited water meter installation
  • Bore testing and water quality testing services
  • Pump repairs in a fully equipped workshop

Darling Irrigation has qualified and experienced repair, maintenance and service staff who can meet ongoing, warranty and urgent needs in our workshops as well as on-site and in the field challenges.  

State of the art testing tanks and workshops are also available for testing and repairing solar, single and three phase water pumps, including pressure water pumps, centrifugal water pumps and electric submersible water pumps. 

Darling Irrigation’s mechanics and technicians attend regular supplier and other training courses to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.