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Whether you are installing centre pivot or lateral move irrigation, water recycling or treatment plants, industrial pumping systems, water delivery systems for civil amenities or for livestock and domestic situations, a proven design and installation process is required to ensure you maximise your infrastructure investment. 

When you engage Darling Irrigation to assist with your irrigation, pumping or water delivery project, you are engaging a highly qualified and capable team that will follow such a proven process to ensure that your expectations and requirements are met. This process involves a system design phase followed by an installation phase that will help maximise your infrastructure investment.


The diverse range of water delivery methods and systems available means that it is often difficult for a business to select the 'right' system. Consideration must be given to elements such as:

  • Business objectives and enterprise mix
  • Water quality, pressure, flow rate and volume
  • Hydraulic integrity
  • Reliability and quality
  • Sustainability
  • Labour and maintenance
  • Legal requirements
  • Budget
  • Funding options and budget

Darling Irrigation will work with you to determine which system provides the most efficient and cost effective solution to your needs.

When considering cost effectiveness, the power required to pump or move water must be considered. Darling Irrigation will assist you to determine the most cost effective power source – electricity or diesel – as well as your likely running cost.

Your system will be brought together in a construction plan prepared for your review. You can be confident in the knowledge that this has been designed to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements by a certified designer.


Once your system has been designed, a team of engineers from Darling Irrigation will install the equipment.

Darling Irrigation can handle all aspects of the installation process from trenching, excavation and concreting through to laying data cables or poly pipe, pump, trough or tank installation and construction.