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Water is not always just water, especially when it is extracted from a bore. Other compounds such as chlorides, sulphates and other salts, often come along for the ride and influence the way the way the water affects infrastructure, livestock and crops. At extreme levels, these unwanted compounds can make water unusable or seriously affect the life span of equipment.

Not only is the quality of the water from the bore important but the viability of an entire operation can hinge on how reliably the bore can produce the required water supply or if the bore can produce a sustainable flow rate. The bores capacity affects the selection of equipment and the water use.

Water testing

Water testing is the only sure way to know what you are dealing with when it comes to bore water. 

Testing helps determine what you can use the water for or if the water requires the use of dosing pumps to add stabilising compounds to correct imbalances in pH and neutralise highly corrosive elements that may have been detected in the water.

Once you understand your water quality you can then determine a probable lifespan for pipelines and pumps and if poly lining will be required.

Poly lining, as the name suggests, refers to lining galvanized pipes with poly pipe. Regardless of whether pipes are galvanised or not, some water is heavily corrosive and makes short work of even heavily galvanised pipes. In this situation, poly lining can significantly extend the life of infrastructure and support the reliable ongoing delivery of even highly corrosive water to where it is needed.

Bore testing

Testing of a bore's capacity to meet long-term demand helps protect your investment in a system dependent on that bore.

Darling Irrigation is able to flow test stock and domestic bores as well as irrigation bores ranging in flowrates from 0.5l/s to 105l/s and from a minimum of 4” bore diameter. 

Four hour, 12 hour and 24 hour tests are available with full log details of drawdown and recovery provided with the completed report. 

Monitoring of surrounding bores to that which is being pump tested is also available. Test equipment is mobile and independently powered.

Custom solutions for your situation

Once the bore's capacity is understood, Darling Irrigation can design and install stock and domestic water and irrigation solutions that suits your operation, the quality of the water and the capacity of the bore.