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Sweltering heat means water is essential

With temperatures around New South Wales heading up over 40 degrees this summer and no "real" rainfall on the horizon, now more than ever it's important to ensure your valuable crops and livestock are well watered and that your house and garden are protected from the heat through well considered watering systems.

Not only is the supply of water crucial at this time of the year but so too is the efficient use of that water which is available. Here are a few tips from Darling Irrigation for beating the heat and being water wise:

  • Check and adjust spray patterns on all sprinklers, now is the time when you will notice dry spots or ‘shadowing’.
  • Replace worn nozzles and broken seals, eliminate all leaks to make sure you're not wasting water.  This will save not only water but energy costs.
  • Keep an eye on all pumps; the increased demand for water at this time of year can place increased pressure on pumps. Make sure they're in good working repair or arrange a maintenance check.
  • Monitor water sources, additional demand and dropping water levels in rivers and groundwater sources means additional lift for pumps, and increased risk of pump cavitations which decreases pump efficiency.  Low level or loss of prime switches help protect against falling water levels.
  • Install a drip or spray irrigation system for your garden and lawn - use timers to ensure the system waters at the time of day when there'll be least evaporation (early morning or late evening). Don't forget to follow watering rosters that may apply in your area!
  • Check your water tanks and troughs daily to make sure you have plenty of water for your livestock. If there are any problems, arrange repairs or parts.

Darling Irrigation offers leading water efficiency measures for every water user including:

  • Drip or spray irrigation systems
  • Water management advice
  • Pumps, troughs and tanks
  • Poly pipe and fittings

Located in Narromine, Forbes and Bourke, Darling Irrigation offers design, installation, maintenance and repair services for broadacre, livestock, domestic, civil and industrial purposes.