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Upgrading Water Meters in NSW

As most water users in NSW know, National Water Meter Standards (NWMS) are being developed under the National Water Initiative which sets out the requirement to develop a national meter specification and national meter standards specifying the installation of meters.

The NSW Office of Water introduced interim standards on 2 October 2009 that apply until the new National Water Meter Standards (NWMS) are introduced.

The NSW Interim Water Meter Standards are designed to reflect the scope and intention of the national standards, and enable purchase and installation of new meters until the full national standards become fully effective.

These Interim Water Meter Standards will enable exemption (under the NWMS) to be provided to new meters installed to the interim standards which were developed in good faith to meet the emerging national standards.

The Interim Water Meter Standards enable new meters to be installed with confidence that they will not need to be removed at a later stage under the grandfathering condition of the NWMS.

Be smart - install a compliant meter

If your current water meter is on its last legs, make sure you upgrade to a new water meter that meets the requirements of the Interim Water Meter Standards. Failure to do so could mean you have to re-replace the meter when the national standards come into force.

At Darling Irrigation, we can supply and install water meters that are compliant with the NSW Interim Water Meter Standards such as the AgriFlow Series III Smart Water Monitor from MACE Meters.

Not only will this smart little unit give you peace of mind under the MSW Interim Water Meter Standards, it will give you peace of mind going into the irrigation season. The Agriflow can also be used to monitor other farm operations such as channel and fuel tank levels and it can even can optimise diesel pump use.

Until 31 September 2013, Darling Irrigation is offering a $600 discount when you upgrade your current water meter to the new AgriFlow Series III, find out more >